Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New York Fashion Week Talent Awards 2021

How to post the image or short video on Uplive Moment (Plaza)

Go to the Plaza page or Personal profile page to click the Pink Plus Button to post the image or short video on your own Uplive Moment (Plaza)

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Who can participate in this awards competition?

The New York Fashion Week Talent Awards is open to all participants above 18 yo. We encourage diversity and are looking for participants from different backgrounds (Model, Dancer, Singer, Make-up Artist, Designer, Fashion Influencer, Stylist, and etc.)

Is there any registration fee?

This Awards event is totally free to participate in.

Is it too late for me to participate in the awards after 1/15/2021?

No, the final ranking will be based on the total points (voting gifts from your fans or supporters) accumulated till 2/11/2021. It is never too late to participate in and catch-up.

Why I need an Uplive account and what is UP ID and User Name on the Uplive App?

Due to the pandemic, the NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Talents Awards is held 100% virtually this year. We chose UPLIVE APP as the platform since it is free to use and has mature Livestream features.

Therefore, all participants need to create their own personal accounts on UPLIVE APP to showcase their talents and get votes from the public and judges. Please see the below sample images to see how to find your UP ID and User Name on Uplive App.

User Name sample image

UP ID sample image

How to participate in the awards?

Please read “How to start participating in the awards” on our website to know more details.

What's the event voting gifts?

There are three different awards voting gifts that can be sent from the public: Fashion Tickets (20 U= 20 Points), Start Picker (388 U= 388 Points), and Sail Away (888 U= 888 Points). There is one judge special gift Bravo (1 Bravo= 500 points) that can be sent from the event judges. Only these voting gifts are accounted for in the total points of New York Fashion Week talent awards.

Awards Voting Gifts sample image

Where can I find the event voting gifts?

When you are in the user view to visit any live streaming of other users, you can find the three awards voting gifts from the gift box as below sample images. The judge’s special gift can only be sent from judges.

Gift Box sample image

I cannot open the link from your email or message, what should I do?

If you can not open the link from our email or message, please copy the link to your web browser to visit. If you still cannot open it, please contact us through email at